Direct Mail Design

Direct Mail Design

When considering design on a direct mail piece, Consider the studies that have been done regarding the time that people take to review a printed mailer.

Most mailers only are reviewed for seven seconds before they’re thrown in the trash or saved for future use. More recent studies show that that number is more like three seconds before it’s disposed of.

You only have a few seconds to capture somebody’s attention, so be sure that your headlines are bold and striking and that you have a call to action give that person a reason contact your company.

A good example of a call to action could include potential discounts on a future order, a buy one get one free offer, or a free gift with purchase. And remember to have contact information for your company including the website, phone number and/or physical location.

Sizes to consider range from 4.25”x6” or less, which qualifies for postcard rate postage, up to 6.125”x11”, which is the largest mailer that qualifies for regular postage rates for most letter-sized pieces.

Consult with a graphic designer or your printer to be sure that the mailing panel is situated properly for the post office to mail  efficiently and cost-effectively. Postage can be expensive so be sure to get a signify from the post office before printing.

Always insist on some sort of “Proof of Mailing” from your printer or mail house to be sure you know what date something mailed, and also be sure you add a few “seeds” in your database, which are random pieces mailed to inconspicuous people who can tell you when a piece arrived, what shape it was in when it arrived, and that each seed received a piece at all to be sure the entire mailing was sent.

There are lots of resources available for design ideas, just ask and we can happily provide some of those resources to you.