How to target your audience with direct mail

How to target your audience with direct mail

 How to target your audience with direct mail

With the first three options above, a list is required to imprint onto each mail piece, and that

list can be costly, depending on the level of specific demographic targeting you want. Examples

of demographic data commonly used include:

Salary Range – You don’t send a Jaguar postcard to a household earning $50,000 annually.

Number of Children – Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza probably does not want to target 50-year old


Geographic Range – Why send a letter for a florist running Valentine’s Day specials to a house

40 miles away?

Business/Residence – Not a good idea to mail an air compressor repair company’s postcard or

discount card to a group of apartments

With EDDM mail, you can also select AVERAGE demographic information for each carrier route,

like average income, number of people aged between 25-44 years, etc., but you can’t tell each

household’s exact info, just the average for that route. The savings in postage however most

times make up for the extra printed pieces to fill the route.

Years ago, mailings were broadcast to entire regions, costing huge amounts of postage and printing

expenses, but now we can target so much more precisely with each of these methods sown above,

changing the concept of shotgun-blast into rifle-scope targeting.

Each business has different audiences, and making use of these various mailing techniques can determine the

effectiveness of your campaign.

We can show you examples of how effective previous campaigns were, feel free to reach out for more